segunda-feira, 2 de junho de 2008


Temos duas novas estagiárias vindas de Inglaterra, a Anys e a Lu. Sejam Bem vindas!
Agora em inglês para elas perceberem:

Translation for the girls:

We at Leo Lisboa welcome you Anys and Lu and hope you have a good time working like hell with us!

Fizemos umas perguntinhas...

1.What was the first portuguese word you learned?

Sopa, don´t ask us why, it was Lu´s choice and she doesn’t even like soup!

2.What are your expectations about your experience in Leo Burnett?

BIG learning curve, lots of fun and we want to introduce The Mighty Boosh to everyone!
It´s hard to say, we don´t know what to expect. Can we tell you at the end?

3.Fish and chips or bacalhau?

Lu says Fish and chips. Anys doesn´t eat meat or fish so just chips.

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